June Newsletter

Barkly and Meows' June Newsletter

Happy June!

We hope you all have been enjoying the warmer weather with your pets! Zephyr has been a crazy guy at home with playing ball outside. We have gone through at least a half dozen tennis balls in the last 2 weeks alone.

Please remember when the weather gets warmer, our pets tend to eat less food. Their resting body temperatures are around 101-102 degrees and when it is cooler most of their energy usage goes toward keeping their internal body temperature up.

When the weather gets warmer, their body doesn't need to use as much energy. If we don’t reduce their food intake slightly during this time, they may begin to refuse meals and/or only eat them when a treat or topper is added to them. We have had many customers come into the store recently with that exact complaint.

Most of the time reducing the food portions will address this issue but by no means are we suggesting that trying a different food for your pets is not a good idea. The more variety of ingredients that our pets get in their diet the better their long term nutritional needs are met.

On a different note, we have finally hired and have been training our new Groomer! Her name is Rae and she will be taking appointments 3 days per week starting in July! We are very excited to have additional availability for the summer months! Please make sure to welcome her to our store and town whenever you stop in!

We hope to see you soon!

-Jonathan, Alysa, Zephyr, and Phinny


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