Barkly and Meows is dedicated to being a responsible local resource for pet related services. We do not sell live animals in our store and unfortunately do not have the space necessary to foster or adopt animals.

We encourage responsible pet ownership that includes exercise, a healthy diet, and regular trips to a trusted veterinarian. We do not host vaccination clinics or health services in our stores because we believe that having a regular veterinarian that maintains records for each pet is an important part of their well-being.

We are in contact with many local Vets, Day Care Centers, and Groomers in order to direct you to professionals in each area.

Adoption Option

There are many local individuals that do fantastic work with local rescue groups and shelters in our community. We are proud to support these people and groups in their mission to save lives. There is always more to do in order to raise awareness regarding pet overpopulation so please spay or neuter your pet!

To Report Lost or Found Dogs and Cats

To Report Abused or Neglected Animals

For Emergency Veterinarian Care